Wedding Gowns to Angel Dresses

Thank you to everyone for donating your special wedding gowns and to our volunteers who make these beautiful Angel Dresses

Donated by Rae Lemke SprungSeamstress KaeLeah Spallin

Donated by Robyn StephenSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Michelle NoelSeamstress: Tara Keichinger

Donated by Kyla PurserSeamstress Sonja Ohlmann

Boy AngelDonated by: Wendy SwalesSeamstress: Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Jamie LoveSeamstress Karlene Ash

Donated by : Tanya PennerSeamstress: KaeLeah Spallin

Donated by Michelle TurgeonSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by :Laurie Maynes ScheurkogelSeamstress: Kaeleah Spallin

Donated by Tara Howell BonaireSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Patricia BrownSeamstress Vivian Onushko

Donated by Cottonwood BridalSeamstress: Debbie Camp

Donated by Michelle SmithSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Karine LandauerSeamstress: Holly Misener

Donated by: Karen EvansSeamstress: Tara Keichinger

Donated by Sonja GoldsmithSeamstress: Vivian Onushko

Donated by Gloria MasonSeamstress: Krystal McLean

Donated by Lisa ClairmontSeamstress Michelle Rusteika

Donated by Andrea ScobeySeamstress Tara Challman

Donated by Leslie LindbergSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Joleen LanthierSeamstress Holly Misener

Donated by Monique ErnoSeamstress Lindsay Hillbom

Donated by Jeri DolenSeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Krista StegemannSeamstress Krystal McLean

Donated by Christy MahedenSeamstress Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Deb RowbothamSeamstress: Michele O'Callaghan

Donated AnonymouslySeamstress Tara Challman

Donated by Rochelle McAdam in memory of Lily ♥Seamstress Debbie Rudd

Donated by Diane EliukSeamstress Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Leah CharneySeamstress Lindsay Hillbom

Donated by Donna JoppSeamstress : Kathleen Thomas

Donated by: Lynn PierceySeamstress : Holly Misener

Donated by Melissa PedersonSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Tina PottsSeamstress Theatre Calgary Wardrobe

Donated by Tracy SpearsSeamstress: Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Sherri-Lynn PiesingerSeamstress: Tara Challman

Donated by: Krista CantwellSeamstress: Holly Misener

Donated by: Cottonwood Bridal (High River)Seamstress: Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Carmelita PenaSeamstress Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Arlene Cornelssen Seamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Nicole BelliveauSeamstress Sonja Ohlmann

Donated by Wendy Linnington in memory of Kristel Marie Zimmerman ❤Seamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Ann MitchellSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Chara GoodingSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Debra IllsleySeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Nicole McElhinneySeamstress: Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Jody RussellSeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Michelle HyslopSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Barb ShumanSeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Terry MeyersSeamstress Sonja Ohlmann

Donated by : Julie ParkinsonSeamstress: Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by: Tammy Hay-DyckSeamstress: Tara Keichinger

Donated by Debra MurphySeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by: Wendy SwalesSeamstress: Kathleen Thomas

Donated by: Pat ClarkeSeamstress: Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Christine JanzenSeamstress: Tara Challman

Donated by Tanya PoulinSeamstress Holly Misener

Donated by : Dawn CunninghamSeamstress : Sonja Ohlmann

Donated by: Wendy SwalesSeamstress: Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Brandy RobertsSeamstress: MIchele O'Callaghan

Donated by Sharlene LindmannSeamstress Debbie Rudd

Donated by Carol DeMossiacSeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

4 Sizes of Angel Gowns with blue vests

Donated by Jill SwensenSeamstress Debbi Rudd

Donated by Tara RedlSeamstress Tara Keichinger

Donated by Merle RuskSeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Lisa HuxtableSeamstress Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Shannon SmilskiSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Sharon HooperSeamstress Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Caroline Jones (Dupont)Seamstress Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Jen HodgeSeamstress: Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Kate BuczulakSeamstress : Holly Misener

Donated by Krista AshtonSeamstress: Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Doris ElfordSeamstress Holly Misener

Donated by Melyssa PriceSeamstress : Holly Misener

Donated by Esther McDonaldSeamstress Jesseka Luicek

Donated AnonymouslySeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Julie ToweSeamstress : Tara Challman

Donated by Sarah HuntSeamstress Kathleen Thomas

Donated by Jamie GrahamSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Sylvia TelfordSeamstress: Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Gale PickardSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Tanya CrumpSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Angela FossSeamstress: Holly Misener

Donated by Teresa BellingerSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Shannon SchreyerSeamstress Holly Misener

Donated by: Karen EvansSeamstress: Tara Keichinger

Angel Dresses come in 4 sizes:micro for micro-preemiessmall being for babies before 20 weeksmedium for 20-30 weekslarge for full-term babies.

Donated by: Crystal ScuttSeamstress: Tara Keichinger

Donated by Mary GanserSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Kaeleah SpallinSeamstress Kaeleah Spallin

Donated by Christie FlorenceSeamstress : Kaeleah Spallin

Donated by Bridget BasnettSeamstress Judy Miller

Donated by Kimberly HunterSeamstress Caren Blatchford

Donated by Ashley RideoutSeamstress : Holly Misener

Donated by Lindsay CampbellSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by: Jennifer FlettSeamstress: Karlene Ash

Donated by Jaimi NemedySeamstress Arlene Cornelessen

Donated By Correne HarnettSeamstress: Tara Challman

Donated Anonymous by requestSeamstress KaeLeah Spallin

Donated by Amanda GrasbySeamstress Michelle Latta

Donated by Brandy PolowskiSeamstress Tara Keichinger

Donated by Jessica KingSeamstress Lindsay Hillbom

Donated by Andrea DecheneSeamstress KaeLeah Spallin

Donated by Michele FehrSeamstress Phyllis Gillette

Donated by : Petra AcornSeamstress: Michele O'Callaghan

Donated by Bobbi Jean VelichkaSeamstress: Debbie Camp

Donated by Beth BlairSeamstress Michelle Latta

Wedding Gown Train donated by Carla BurnsSeamstress Karlene Ash

Donated by Paula StenzelSeamstress Holly Misener

Donated by Tina ShawSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Donated by Vivian BaierSeamstress Arlene Cornelssen

Blue Gown : Bev TurchakSeamstress: Torrie GassWedding Gown Donation :wishes to remain Anonymous

Donated by Melissa WinterSeamstress: Tara Challman

Donated by Anne Marie BrennanSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Megan GilesSeamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Paula BabbSeamstress: Michelle Latte

Donated by Sarah Bessey in Memory of Norma Robinson ♥Seamstress Metha Alberda

Donated by Sharon Bielecki ChampagneSeamstress: Tara Challman